Talking directly to Donald Trump

Trump.jpegRegardless of who was in the white house I’ve always felt that the office was fairly inaccessible to the average American citizen. How can one person, or even many people make their views known to the president of the United States without some kind moneyed apparatus willing to amplify their message. It seemed like without a lobbying group behind me I could only vote for the person I feared less and then hope for the best.

I would argue that whatever one thinks about Donald J Trump he is by far the most accessible president of all time. We know for a fact that he is constantly consuming media, including perhaps the most democratic social media platform: Twitter.

Yes, it has become abundantly clear that Donald Trump personally reads (and sometimes responds) to his twitter messages. He may well be the first president in the history of the United States to whom an individual citizen without a lobbying firm or a government position can communicate to. Incredible!

That being said, I’m sure the president receives thousands if not hundreds of thousands of tweets every single day. I imagine the likelihood of him seeing a single tweet is fairly small, so I have a request for you: Share this pots, then follow me on twitter. My new handle is 45deals I’ll be tweeting some flattery attached to a policy suggestion at Donald Trump every day at 9:00 AM Eastern time. Sometime in the next 24 hours, read my message and if you agree with it, retweet it or better yet copy and paste it as your own tweet. Imagine the president seeing 10,000 of the same message every day, he’d almost certainly read it! The best part is, there is no obligation. If you don’t like what I have to say, just ignore it and move on with your day.

What kind of things will I be tweeting at the president? Things like:
Only @realDonaldTrump truly understands how the US should deal with climate change. Guarantee he will support cap and trade! #artofthedeal

@realDonaldTrump understands Obama and Dems couldn’t imagine an actual healthcare solution. He will take us to Single payer!

@SpeakerRyan has undermined @realDonaldTrump at every turn! Trump might be smarter to support Ironworker Randy Bryce 20018!

@realDonaldTrump might be one of the few true patriots left. He will save the American people grief by breaking up the big banks!

Also tweet at me if you have an idea for a daily tweet at the president and I’ll likely put yours up. It might take some time as I’ll be scheduling them in advance but I’ll look at every suggested tweet!

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