A public goals list for 2013-2014!


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This year Not Back to School Camp’s season ended with a ‘create your own adventure’ retreat, four days of life planning, goal setting, and motivational advice. One of the more popular activities was to sit down and set 100 goals. No size or difficulty requirements, no self censorship, just 100 goals as quickly as I could come up with them. I typed out about 65 in my first 45 minutes, and I’ve slowly filled in another 35 over the last week.

I spent today looking over them, crossing out the ones that I’d already accomplished or failed, and the ones that no longer seemed relevant, interesting, or important. I combined a few, and kept the long-term ones to myself (although I may post them later), got rid of the ones in which success was only measurable subjectively, and now I’ll take a page out of Blake’s book, and post the remainder. I’ll probably add goals throughout the year, and update the list whenever I’ve made progress or failed.

Personal Growth:

Take on a new small challenge that tweaks my habits for the better for the next year


Continue a regular workout habit for a full year
Gain another 10 pounds of muscle this year to hit 160 pounds
Finish the November 17th Philadelphia Marathon in under 4 hours and 30 minutes
Go on a long distance hike (60+ miles)
Go on a long distance bike ride (200+ miles)

Art and Music:

Learn to play the guitar well enough to play at least three Avett Brother’s songs
Spend 30 minutes drawing every day for a month this year
Take a regular dance class for at least 2 months during this year

Reading and Writing:

Read at least one book every month for the next year
Spend 30 minutes on personal writing every day for a month this year
Write regular blog entries for the rest of the year


Complete at least one Coursera or other online course

Money and house:

Save $16,000 for home repairs, so that I could replace the roof, and heaters if they should break
Save at least $1,500 a month to put towards the mortgage and/or a mutual fund
Rent out the third floor by November
Complete all of the small but important repairs on the house by December


Increase enrollment at Middle School Friends events over last year
Take on a new role at a session of Not Back to School Camp (night owl, dishes, cook?) in 2014

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6 Responses to A public goals list for 2013-2014!

  1. Blake says:

    There’s some really good ones in here! Nice and specific…

  2. Carolyn says:

    These seem very ambitious! Does having so many goals prevent you from being spontaneous, or being open to a change of plans (something that doesn’t fit with your goals?)

    • Hopefully they keep me on track, allowing me to focus my time around accomplishing the things that I want to, but if they start to feel like a straight jacket I’m open to changing them. We’ll see how it goes!

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