We don’t need no stinkin’ Ikea

I’ve always wanted to be something of a handyman, but I have no training or experience. So, when our old Ikea standing closet collapsed into many pieces in a freak moving-it from-the-living-room-to-the-bedroom accident, I told Helen I would build her a new one. I’ve never built a closet before, but I figured it couldn’t be that difficult, so I went to Home Depot and started picking out pieces of wood.

Fortunately for me a Home Depot employee named Joe D took an interest in my project. It turns out Joe was a carpenter, and had far superior knowledge about what goes into the building of a closet than I did. With his help, I was able to put together the following:




Helen, looking happy to have a new closet



My friend Ariel came over, and was kind enough to help out


Supporting the shelf


I could use a ladder, and a higher ceiling.


Is it level?


Nailing the sides on




Finished (for now)


“Mistake number 8”

When I come back from camp, I’ll add a bar at the top so that a curtain can hang in front. I’ll also flip the rod the clothes are hanging from (it’s upside down right now), and probably stain the whole thing (which I probably should’ve done first). Many thanks to Helen and Ariel for all their help!

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1 Response to We don’t need no stinkin’ Ikea

  1. That’s one fine looking closet you built there. If you want to stain it in place, my dad might be able to lend you some plastic drop-cloths. Just, you know, open a few windows and put a fan on.

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