The wonderful world of blogging!

At the end of each session of Not Back to School Camp (my annual late summer/early fall job), everyone is given the opportunity to publicly declare an intention for the next year. Therefore, three times already this year, I’ve stood up in a room full of people and said “my name is Matt, and I’m going to start a blog”.

Tonight I find myself in HI Hyannis youth hostel, surrounded by people enthusiastically jabbing at their keyboards. To my right is a chart on the wall detailing my fourth public declaration of my blogging aspirations, this time even more specific: 15+ blog posts over a period of one month, at least 10 of them either fully published, or slated to be published with no further review.

The HI Hyannis Youth Hostel

I’m one of the trip leaders on the 2012 Unschool Adventure’s Writing Retreat. This means a month of supervising chores, cooking dinners, leading workshops, and helping with events. But mostly, and this is the part that scares me, writing!

So, I’m holding my nose and taking the plunge. Dear family, friends, Facebook acquaintances, random internet navigators, if you are interested in hearing the things I have to say: I invite you to subscribe to this blog.

To give you a taste of whats coming, here is an incomplete list of blog topics that may be covered over the next month:

  • How many words does it take to read a nations mind?
  • American Football: a viewers guide for the uninitiated
  • Wanna buy a Kaleidoscope? Planning my foray into DIY sales.
  • How much control does the internet have on us? (better title needed)
  • New Harmony Restaurant: an ode to the best chinese food in Philly.
  • Meta-post: blogging about blogging
  • Putting up a stop sign to overthrowing a dictator: how non-violent direct action can change the world!
  • Confessions of a shifty eyed back-alley Settlers of Catan player
  • In which I give a shout-out to my Quaker buds and challenge liberal Friends to define themselves
  • The Taming of the poo: Piss-poor puns on famous book titles
  • The college I want to attend doesn’t exist! (But it might soon!)

[*The listing of any blog title above does not in any way constitute a binding agreement in which the blogger is obligated to produce a post in the event that they chicken out]

[**This post doesn’t count towards my goal.]

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3 Responses to The wonderful world of blogging!

  1. Blake Boles says:

    I look forward to “Confessions of a shifty eyed back-alley Settlers of Catan player”

  2. Nathen says:

    Matt! I’m so excited that you’re blogging. This is a good turn of events.

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